First impression of Mark Bradford

I saw his works at the Broad in Downtown LA. It was impressing. I took pictures of it and set as a wallpaper of my iPhone. Many people asked me that your iPhone was broken. It looked like.

My most loving point was the color. It looked like Nike shoes. Neon, high contrast, fragmented, spreaded, kinetic… It went throught the point why I liked Nike. And you know many Afro-americans like Nike. He was.

I also felt Los Angeles. Very chaotic but not like Manhattan. It felt Southern California. Some god-blessing weather, some optimism among frustration. Broken glasses everywhere but we could collect them to make them a good work. I hope so.

I personally believe that trashes can be good trashes. Bad things can be good bad things. I also want to be like that.

By xacdo

Kyungwoo Hyun

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