Zojirushi website is closed due to privacy leak

Last night I have visited Zojirushi official parts shopping site. Why? I have lost a power code of my Zojirushi humidifier when I was moving in to a new home. That power code was Zojirushi-specific so I couldn’t use any generic power codes. That was why I had to visit that website to buy a new power code.

But that official website was down. There was only one notice page at the front. That said, recently personal information was leaked, so they shut down the website to prevent any further leakage. Oh my god.

I could not understand how they could decide to shut down their whole website completely. Is it 2019? Do we live in the information age? They suggested to use offline service or call to service center. What about someone like me who lives in a foreign country? Or someone who lives in very rural area so he or she is very heard to reach their service center? Isn’t it too city-centric, Japan-city-centric more specifically?

Luckily, that power code was being sold on Amazon Japan. I appreciate Amazon runs their business in Japan. And please, the cheif officers of Japanese websites, please care about online service. This is 2019, and soon to be 2020. This is information technology era. Online is more than offline. There are many people like me. Please care about us. Be inclusive.


By xacdo

Kyungwoo Hyun

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